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Next time you go to a Macy's or a Rite Aid store you may be encouraged to take a new, free rewards card called Plenti . Some of the promotions use talking products to sell the concept of one rewards card, for a lot of different stores. Initial partners include AT&T, EXXON Mobil, MACY'S, and Rite Aid.

On the surface it sounds like a great idea, but as word spreads, there are plenty of questions about privacy. How much of your information is being shared between those partners? And who's controlling the information?

Plenti is the newest rewards program from American Express. Some call it a game-changer in the loyalty rewards arena. American Express says while some information will be shared to confirm your account- like your name phone number and address- American Express is not sharing any transaction information with any partners.

"None of the information on what you buy and how much you spend is shared between the companies." said Charlotte Fuller, of Corporate Affairs. Fuller said Macy's for example, will not know what you purchased from Rite Aid.

The other big question is- exactly where can use your rewards points?

"There's an AT&T ad for example, that says, 'I'm just sitting here earning points,'" said consumer advocate Edward Dworsky, founder of the advertising watchdog website .

"Well, the assumption is you can redeem those points at AT&T, but only in the fine print of the AT&T commercial - it says you can't redeem these at a variety of partners, including AT&T!" Dworsky added.

American Express acknowledges the disclaimer in the AT&T commercial and confirms that you can't redeem points with all Plenti partners right now. Fuller says the program is still in the roll-out stage and there will be more places, including AT&T, where you can use your points over the course of the year,

As with all rewards programs, before you sign up with Plenti, be sure to read the terms and conditions so you understand what you're agreeing to. In fact, this type of shared rewards concept is so is new in the United States (American Express owns other programs overseas) I strongly recommend you also carefully review the explainers on the Plenti website before you make a decision. In some cases you must to link your existing rewards and credit accounts to your Plenti account, in order to get special deals. And like other rewards programs, some Plenti offers come with conditions.

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Phone number plenty of fish dating

Phone number plenty of fish dating