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Combined radial and axial loads
The direction of load is a primary factor in bearing type selection. Where the load on a bearing is a combination of radial and axial load, the ratio of the components determines the direction of the combined load ( fig. 2 ).

The suitability of a bearing for a certain direction of load corresponds to its contact angle ╬▒ ( diagram 1 ) – the greater the contact angle, the higher the axial load carrying capacity of the bearing. You can see this indicated in the value of the calculation factor Y (→ individual product sections), which decreases as the contact angle increases. ISO defines bearings with contact angles ≤ 45° as radial bearings, and the others as thrust bearings, independent of their actual use.

To accommodate combined loads with a light axial component, bearings with a small contact angle can be used. Deep groove ball bearings are a common choice for light to moderate axial loads. With increasing axial load, a larger deep groove ball bearing (with higher axial load carrying capacity) can be used. For even higher axial load, bearings with a larger contact angle may be required, like angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings. These bearing types can be arranged in tandem to accommodate high axial loads.

When combined loads have a large alternating axial load component, suitable solutions include:

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Single aus aschaffenburg

Single aus aschaffenburg